Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard Edition

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Drive new revenue, expand your opportunities, and optimize your solutions. Help your customers take advantage of innovative data, cloud computing, and mission-critical features available in Microsoft SQL Server 2012.
SQL Server 2012 is no different in this regard, boasting a huge number of significant improvements and additions. However, while some new features and changes to the SQL Server database engine might initially appear beneficial in their own right, when taken together they offer truly synergistic, or game-changing, potential when it comes to helping enable more pro-active manageability, which translates into decreased IT costs.
SQL Server 2012 take database development to the next level with SQL Server Data Tools an integrated development experience for developers building next-generation web, enterprise and data-aware mobile applications across on-premises and public cloud. Meanwhile, the Data-tier Application Framework (DAC Fx) dramatically helps simplify the development, deployment, and management of database applications server to cloud.
Rich Support for Content.
SQL Server 2012 makes it easier to manage content as an integrated part of an application. New FileTable makes it easier to manage content into FILESTREAM blob storage with standard tools and applications. Improvements to full-text indexing help yield better performance and search functionality. Meanwhile, new statistical semantic search technology supports automatic concept extraction and innovative key phrase search options for more sophisticated search across unstructured files.

Core Based Licensing - SQL Server 2014 Standard. As per SQL Licensing policy, A minimum of ' 4 core license ' is required for each physical processor on the server. If your physical processor is 2 Core still you need '4 core license'. If your physical processor is 4 Core then you need '4 core license'. If your physical processor is 6 Core then definitely you need one '4 core license' and one ' 2 core license ' and so on.