Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard – 24 Core


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Windows Server 2019 Standard Core Licenses

Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition is the newest version of this powerful server. Users can change existing applications into cloud-ready solutions and help developers to create new ones using containers and microservices. Nano Server focuses on cloud applications that support C#, Java, Node.js, and Python; it also targets Microsoft Cloud platform infrastructure that supports Hyper-V compute clusters and Scale-Out File Server clusters.

Windows Server 2019 STandard Edition brings you stronger security, better productivity, and superior connectivity. Windows Server 2019 reduces IT costs by including many user-friendly management tools that make it easy to streamline your workload and let your employees work with more independence. Windows Server 2019 uses a core licensing model so you only need to purchase licenses for individual cores rather than users or devices. This saves your company money and cuts down on IT demands when your company grows.

Features of Windows Server 2019 Standard include:

Added layers of security. Better security reduces risk with multiple layers of built-in protection.

Deployment options allow you to increase availability and reduce resource usage with the lightweight Nano Server.

Built-in containers let you develop and manage thanks to Windows Server and Hyper-V containers.

Cost-efficient storage lets you build scalable software-defined storage and reduce costs.

Software-defined networking automates processes with cloud-like efficiency.

Enhanced Security, Productivity, and Connectivity

  • Trusted secure boot
  • Windows Defender protection
  • Shielded virtual machines
  • Host Guardian Services
  • Enhanced containers
  • Storage spaces direct
  • Hyper-V availability on Nano Server
  • Stretch clusters
  • Encrypted virtual machines and containers
  • Azure backup, storage, and site recovery
  • Azure active directory
  • Operations manager suite

Windows Server 2019 Standard with core licensing is a great way to save time and money while running a powerful server that lets you accomplish more. Enhanced security features and powerful tools are at your fingertips with Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition. Choose a server that you can count on for security, productivity, and superior connectivity. Today’s fast-paced business environment demands you use only the best, and the new Windows Server 2019 delivers.

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