Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard 16 Core + 10 User CAL License


  • Licensed for Home and Commercial Use
  • 16 Core License with 10 users Cal


Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard for Business

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 is the ideal solution for your business because it can maximize your productivity and system management efforts. The 2022 version of Windows Server has recently landed in our catalog, with many improvements to security and more. Windows Server 2022 is supported until 2026, with Extended Support up to 2031. Microsoft brought different enhancements, including:

– Security: effective defense against advanced threats. Multi-layer protection for server full safeguard

– Firmware protection: firmware-based attacks are particularly harmful. Server processors with secure cores allow checking the system at boot with the Dynamic Root of Trust for Measurement (DRTM) technology and memory access isolation against drivers with Direct Memory Access (DMA) protection.

– HTTPS & TLS 1.3: enabled by default on Windows Server 2022

– SMB Direct encryption and RDMA: for higher performance with AES-128 & AES-256 encryption to fully protect privacy at the packet level

Further features include SMB over QUIC, secure DNS, and more. Order Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard for your business and save over the suggested price!